Present for me; Mon Purse


My mum had always put out me off monogrammed anything after my Gran bought her a burgundy purse in the 80’s with her initials MT on it… she said it cursed her to an empty purse. However when Facebook showed me a little advert in the middle of the wee hours pre mother’s day,  mid baby feeding,  saying I could get my name embossed on my own little leather pouch set within 24 hours, how could I say no. Nothing has ever had my name on it, from key chains to the coloured pencil sets we all wanted as a 10-year-old; Juliette just wasn’t a popular name in Scotland. Plus as it was my first mother’s day I doubted the 8-month-old could handle the order with my credit card and his lack of motor skills.

While the zoom on my iPhone didn’t quite show me the exact gold details of the zipper, and the choice of silver, gold, rose gold, gunmetal and blind emboss stamp options confused my middle of the night feeding jetlag, I went with the Gold stamp which I thought would match the hardware details.


And seriously, 24 hours later my black and stone leather pouches arrived, gorgeous grainy leathers with a stone coloured lining, and the name “Juliette” on something for the first time in my life, not Juliet, Julliette, Julie or unfortunately as once happened on a work roster for a month… Julitit! Just $149 with free delivery. Perfect, pouch purses to keep my makeup and baby things stylish in my handbag. And not too pricey that you couldn’t buy as a gift, bridesmaid idea anyone? Nothing like a little treat for yourself in the post.

Purchase yours here:

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pinkie says:

    I have to have one. Let’s hope they do pink…..

    1. jlatuck says:

      Maybe next season when spring comes? Panettone colours this year were pale blue and pink!

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