Schminkles to the wrinkles



image.pngMy patients often have trouble with the décolletage area crinkling, despite using fillers (hylaronic acid) here, they need something more, and prevention is better than the cure!
I have been following fellow  Entrepreneur and girl boss Gabrielle Requena since she popped up on my Instagram feed a few months ago, and was instantly curious to how she was using silicone sheeting to treat the delicate décolletage. This girl has turned what plastic surgeons have been using for years as a scar minimisation treatment into fabulous heart shaped, reusable wrinkle prevention silicone pad.


Created  to be worn overnight, the  Chest smoothing kit-medical grade silicone I gave to a few needing patients to trial for my clinic said they didn’t notice it after it was applied; a quick wash in the morning and it was ready for the next evening. Average age of my little clinical trial was 43. And they loved it!! at a two week and four week photo session we could see the changes! My patients want results and we found them without an ugly bra or weird tape, or a cream that may or may not deliver…

30+ applications per sheet sounds like a great deal to me and keeps the girls lifted , separated and the skin smooth overnight, a major cause of the dreaded chest crinkle wrinkle. Now I’ve heard that with her décolletage Glow serum, full of naturals and actives like Vitamin A, green tea and caffeine, she has created a complete prevention and maintenance program. Watch this space; the clever girl has also designed sheets targeting pesky frown lines and crow’s feet…She may put me out of business! everyone that trialled it for me have all reordered a new product


plus I’ve heard there is free shipping over $100


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