Nice price by Natio,



We have a crazy lifestyle, and catch planes like some people catch buses.

Living in two locations leads to two wardrobes, two lots of baby toys, prams, cots…and now two skincare, makeup and perfume wardrobes.

While most of my time is in a big city, the rest of the time in outback Australia needed a few essentials that cannot be purchased at the Woolies up there.


The other day I needed some quick makeup to pack in my bag to leave in the bathroom up North


A quick trip to National Pharmacies (20 % off thank you very much) to the Natio counter bagged me some bargains and a couple of cult products that I won’t feel too sad about leaving a few weeks a month alone in a bathroom cupboard. An Australian Beauty brand that has been around for years and now is coming into its own with kits, reasonable prices, strong pigments and achievable instructions as there isn’t a Natio lady, not even at David Jones.


While we have all been learning how to Kontour like a Kardashian, Natio have released a contour kit, 3 shades, with mirror and a makeup brush that in my opinion , alone is worth more than the $24.95 RRP for the entire lot. Two of the three shades are perfect now for winter , the medium contour and the highlighter. Instructions are in the box which I should have laminated for bathroom reference.. next time….The third, a dark contour will be employed  as it heats up and I’m back in spray tan mode (sometimes up to 45degrees plus in the desert)

Cream blush is also out, it would melt off your face in the shade, so I grabbed the Blush and Bronze Palette in Rosy Glow, velvet soft particles of colour ( also comes in ‘sun kissed’ for those who aren’t as pale in winter) , 5 colours that can be worn alone for highlighting or blended into one for a strong sweep of blusher radiance RRp $19.95. I personally am enjoying the pale pink for a highlighter on the brow bone and apple for a cute doll like finish.image


So a couple of bargains, that won’t break the bank, can travel well and not so unrealistic that you couldn’t buy two if like me, you live a crazy two house life. Plus I need another contour brush!


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