Mon Purse at Myers

Continued from a Present for me; Mon Purse . A quick stop over in Sydney last rainy weekend led me to some indoor activities…

Shopping!! Having already received my Mon Purse clutches in the post a few weeks ago for Mother’s Day, and in love with the leather (the yummy leather smell)and style, I headed straight to the Mon Purse boutique in Myers.

I knew there was a stocktake sale on but I had to have the new Shopper bag to match my clutches. The gorgeous assistant Gorgette, quickly helped me choose my new IT handbag, and stamped my gold embossed  ‘Juliette’ on while I went an explored Mecca for a new highlighter.. But that’s another story.

The vintage looking stamping machine was there next to the handbags and leather swatches, and while I could have chosen my own lining and hard wear, I went with what my next flight in 3 hours allowed .

Twenty minutes after I  found my tote off the shop floor (not literally, it came out of a black fabric bag from the Mon Purse store cupboard) and the makeup shopping over, my new ‘Juliette’ was ready to carry on to my flight home . Thanks again to the beautiful Gorgette for her quick work and spelling my name correctly on the the last bag, in my style, in black matt leather, left that day in Myers.

Yes, it wasn’t on sale but for $350, it’s a bargain in my book. (Note, There were also some fab specials available from the previous season)



My new baby above



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