My Very Own( Megan Hess ) Grown Up Gallery

Having set up my own office 10 months ago, I was lucky enough to buy some fabulous art to hang on my walls. I have been in love with Megan Hess since forever and have been gifted three prints from my man (think Christmas, birthday and a just because)

They have all been framed for me by the gorgeous Phillip at Artitude in Glenelg who I send everyone to.

Megan’s work covers fashion, vintage, French food, coffee, and basically all the pretty things us glamour girls love. She was the Illustrator behind Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City book. My three beautiful pieces below are


  •  Ice Blue Sorbet
  • French Girl  (she sat in Cafe Laduree in Paris)

and a recent Fashion week favourite,

  • Paris Fashion Week 3

This is a Karl Lagerfeld special for Chanel , all the gorgeous people are in the background, look out for Anna Wintour in the crowd!

So now I have my own little gallery in my Aesthetic Clinic, I love them, my patients love them.. I think she may have sold a few more to my patients ..  Her online store also has some stationary, screen print scarfs and much more.

(ps not to be confused with her twin sister Kerrie Hess who is slightly same same but different in her work.. Megs is my absolute favourite of the two, her work has way more detail and a lot of little hidden secrets within the images )

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Malissa Brooke says:

    I love those pieces!

    1. jlatuck says:

      Thanks Malissa, she makes such beautiful art

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