Say Hi to Hermes

My favourite accessory of the moment has to  be an Hermes enamel bracelet picked up on an overseas trip, unfortunately Adelaide doesn’t seem to have an Hermes store (considering the time it took to get a Tiffanys I doubt one is opening any time soon) but I think that makes it a little more special.


As I wear either my mum or my dad’s wedding ring every day in 70’s yellow crimped gold, I went with the classic orange mid sized cuff, with the yellow gold plating. I have other jewellery wardrobes in rose and white gold but I just love this for every day style. And I think that the classic Hermes orange just pops.


Details : Enamel bracelet with gold plating, wrist size approx. 15.5 cm

Colour : orange RRP $970.00

hermes turquise

But, as we all know my favourite colour is turquoise so I’m putting the above cuff on my fairy-tale wish list, fingers crossed they don’t stop making them xx

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