Come fly with Miranda Kerr

While I cant say I look anything like Miranda Kerr except for a dimple on my cheek , (mainly due to post baby curves) I do have a crazy life #flying to work #babymamma #my own cosmetic injectables company and live in two completely different parts of Australia. Much to the detriment of my wardrobe…I often cant remember which house I have left my favourite shoes.

My baby and I are on a plane at least once a week, this is not glamorous, this is pretty much hard work. Most of my carry on is for the baby, nappy bag, an amazing stroller that fits in luggage requirements and my purse. There is no room for me.However my new nappy bag essentials (for Mamma) were waiting  for me at my local chemist.

Kora’s organic purse pack is my new friend. Everything is under 100 mls so can be carried overseas and the hand cream can do double duty on the baby. The lip balm is a gentle beeswax with citrus elements and then the energising citrus mist. This is the hero in the box, for those times when you cant juggle a coffee and a squirming baby on your lap, this mist gives you a quick pick up to get you off the flight and onto your day. And perfect as it isn’t an aerosol, this girl has thought of everything.

The Kora philosophy is that the products are full of high actives and low preservatives, creating a certified organic range that I don’t mind sharing with the baby.  Plus the turquoise packaging had me at hello. (Favourite colour forever)

The hand cream is perfect as a travelling companion as it is not greasy and easily absorbed, no hand cream all over your Ipad or Movie screen, and much easier to pick up your inflight bubbles. Thanks Miranda, you know what girls want xxxx

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