Lovely @ Ladurée

I’m an absolute sucker for pretty packaging, and with Kerrie Hess as the latest artist to design for Ladurée, I had to go shopping. According to the stats I’m not the only one, over 15,000 macarons are sold everyday from the luxury bakery (est. 1862)

While my absolute favourite Place for Ladurée treats is the shop inside the residence of Marie Antionette at the Palace Versailles, the Sydney store is also a  mecca of pastel eats, tea and trinkets. While I missed Kerrie Hess by a day, painting live at the store, I managed to walk out with some of her art work wrapping my salted caramel macarons. 
The jams and spreads are divine and as a gift have to be the best wrapped condiments in town. So pretty 🎀

The shopping totes are also a perfect gift for a lunch bag or shopper for a favourite friend, my mum scored the gorgeous bag in the photos. 🛍
This is really the place to grab an elegant gift for a special friend.

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  1. palettepop says:

    That’s my favorite place in NYC ! 😋

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