Travel with Chubby Sticks @ Clinique

I picked up this Clinique pack of goodies at the Sydney domestic airport recently. 5 full sized sticks in one pack, 1 blush, 2 shadows and 2 lip colours. All you need to add is your holiday foundation and your favourite mascara.


I’ve been a fan of the Chubby Stick since before I can remember being able to afford them. The twist up applicator that never needs sharpening is a breeze to use, and best for travel, the lids actually stay on. To close the deal, they are encased in a great little transparent hard plastic bubble for international travel.

The cheek colour is No.01 amp’d up apple, a fresh rose colour that blends so easily. the two shadows 01 bountiful beige and 03 fuller fudge have just enough oomph to take them from day to night. The fudge can be smudged to create a darker night look around the lashes and the beige doubles as a perfect highlighter and brow bone illuminator.


Finally the two moisturising lip colours are No. 12 oversized orange, perfect with a holiday tan at night layered on, but subtle enough with a just a gentle application for day. The second colour No.04 heftiest hibiscus gives you a strong red, that again can be layered to take it from subtle to strong. The other nice thing is you can line the lips easily with these sticks so no need to bring an individual lip liner.


These would normally cost $184 bought as individual items but I found this set for under $130. (not duty free either)


So we have your travel makeup down to 7 items, just add your mascara and foundation. I am forever on the foundation hunt but that’s a story for another day.


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