Lipstick that lasts!! Finally!!

Lipstick on me just doesn’t last, I guess on average I probably eat about 3 lipsticks a year which really isn’t a great thing. I discovered in stock the other day @Distinctive Features Tattoo and Permanent makeup clinic a range that does not budge! All day..

Final Touch Cosmetics

I picked up two shades and I swear I am going to buy the entire range.. apart from the nude that looks like I’m wearing foundation on my lips. ‘Think Pink’ and ‘Brave’ have been on rotation for the last three weeks and I love them. The Brave is the same colour as a Louboutin  sole and perfect to pop the weekday work look with minimal eyes or to glam up for night. The candy toned ‘Think Pink’ is more of a natural lip pink colour that lends its self to dress ups with major bat wing eyes and smoky looks, or a subtle Sunday brunch with rose cheeks and a luminous foundation.

Matte Liquid Lipsticks - $25.00

Matte Liquid Lipsticks – $25.00

Made by Danielle Kurukchi creator of Final Touch Brows , an affordable range. And with her 15 years experience in the beauty industry she knows what she is looking for in a brand.


No lie, I have been wearing and testing these beauties for you, they don’t come off. They stay on through coffee, dinner, all day work and a few kisses. The colour goes on wet and dries in a matter of seconds. I found a clear gloss can also brighten the look and glam it up for night time. Next on my list for my makeup bag honestly is the rest of the range.

You can purchase from selected suppliers but I found mine at

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