Unicorn tears in an eye serum

img_4029Cosmedix have been making this secret weapon against fine lines and ageing around the eye for a few years, with this liquid crystal eye serum. It has to be the prettiest serum I have ever played with.

It seriously looks like a Unicorn rainbow inside a tube, almost too pretty to use but full of too many promises to not. It is a thicker serum that I prefer to only use at night time. A tiny, tiny grain of rice sized amount is enough for both eyes. A copper complex ingredient creates a firmer skin, and a reflective rainbow sheen on the skin. Blend blend blend gently to warm it to skin tone.And as always I’m excited by anything anti-ageing , it has a few more goodies to fight free radical damage (spin trap and alpha-lipoid acid)

This was gifted to me a few days before Christmas and within a month of use, I can see less fine lines and definitely less puffiness around the lower eyes when I wake up. I’m not sure who has to catch and bottle these unicorn tears but it is worth it.




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