Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Moisture Mask (aka the Smurfette Mask)

smurfetteI’ve been busy at my beauty desk  hunting down the best facemasks for you recently, and I think a mask of the week is the way to go. I’m starting on the cheaper end of the scale and will be working my way up over the next six weeks.. A mask a week gives the skin time to breathe, so we are opening with Nivea Daily Essentials ‘Refreshing Moisture Mask’


With Nivea’s Hydra IQ, Aloe Vera and Vitamin A, moisture was delivered.  I applied cleanly with a facial brush and extended this fresh smelling blue cream mask down around the neck area for a burst of hydration. I also popped a cheeky amount onto my dry hands. While I did look slightly like Smurfette , after tissuing off at the 15 minute mark, the skin felt smooth and looked dewy, and definitely not blue, even though product was left on the skin. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning pick me up. An added plus are the two sachets in one for an extra treatment for later. (or you could invite a friend over to get blue with you)mask-nivea


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