Maybe she is born with it…Maybe its a contour kit..

While I do love my high end labels, I’m also down with finding a bargain or two. Especially when it comes to every day wear or something I can throw in my travel bag without worrying about ‘lost luggage’.

I’ve found a new little tool at the chemist Maybelline New York stand. Presently it is retailing for under $14 on sale which is a steal.  The two in one creamy stick works like a large lipstick. The lids stay on in a busy makeup bag and is so easy to use.. I’ve stolen the instructions as follows,  which are two simple steps.  (cheat note : on top i like to add a creamy blush to the apples of the cheeks, for a pop of healthy colour, just contouring can make you look rather muddy if you dont balance with a natural blush)

1. CONTOUR: apply the darker shade in a diagonal swiping motion on cheekbones, corners of forehead along the jawline; blend well
2. HIGHLIGHT: apply the lighter shade on the parts of the face which would naturally reflect sunlight, such as tops of cheeks, forehead or down the bridge of the nose; blend well.

I then like to check in my bathroom light and also then in natural light before I head out the door (if it is daytime) to make sure I haven’t turned myself into a Rugby type warrior who hasn’t blended the whole way around..Image result for maybelline v-face duo stick how to use

Personal note,

Now this does come in three shades, I went with the lightest of the three, the medium had more of a yellow than pink tone to the highlighter so perfect for olive skin tones. My face as always seems to be a shade of pale blue so I stuck with the light.

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